Our security measures against Covid-19

Do you need a green pass or a negative buffer to book and stay?

No, to book and stay, you do not need the Green Pass, the latest specifications of the Italian Ministry of Health, 05/08/2021, exempt the hotel and extra-hotel facilities from the control of the green pass, is not required even the display of a negative buffer. Remains the mandatory green pass for access to spas, gyms or swimming pools, services that our structure does not offer.

mask (1)
It is mandatory to wear a mask in common areas
Sanitizing gel available at the reception and on the floors
The rooms are sanitized daily
Keep a distance of at least 2m from other customers
La Borasca staff are vaccinated against Covid-19
If possible, choose electronic payments
The breakfast buffet is suspended. We will serve what you have ordered.
breakfast (1)
You can choose breakfast in your room, outdoors in summer or not book breakfast.
You can choose not to have your accommodation cleaned during your multi-day stay

Your reservation is safe


La Borasca, in collaboration with Allianz, offers an innovative and exclusive Insurance service for your booking, feel safe in this period of uncertainty. Once you have made your reservation at La Borasca, go to this page and subscribe to the service with Allianz by following the instructions on the insurance company portal *.

*La Borasca has no responsibility or capacity to act on the service offered by Allianz, please contact Allianz for information or assistance.

Cancellation policies return to standard

From 6 April 2020 the cancellation policies provided by the structure will return into force, therefore the refund obligation in case of inability to travel is no longer in force, however we are aware that many factors could affect your arrival at our structure: if you had any need, contact us at +390377046150 and we will find a solution.

Remember that we can only provide assistance for bookings made over the phone with us, via email, through our social channels and on our site through our SimpleBooking manager, while for all other bookings, made through travel agencies such as Booking or Expedia, you will have to contact their customer service, La Borasca has no possibility to act directly on bookings made through these intermediaries.